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Organize + Grow = Flourish

Green Years Organizing

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Green Years Organizing is an organizing service for children and teens in the Fox Valley area. We are committed to helping people get through "the green years" with less chaos, clutter and confusion. We offer in-home organizational tutoring for ages 8 - 18 and organizational consulting for play spaces, bedrooms, study spaces, closets and bathrooms. Our methods are designed to teach children and teens how to develop organizational systems that work for them and how to maintain these new systems.

Like all new skills, learning how to organize oneself takes time. It requires guidance and nurturing, practice and patience. Members of our team will work with your child to mentor them and provide support to both child and parent throughout the process. 


  • Increased confidence
  • Better grades
  • Relieves stress and pressure for both parents and children
  • Improved communication within families and between home and school
  • Cleaner rooms, study spaces, and backpacks
  • Less forgetfulness
  • Happier homes
  • More time for play and independent interests
  • Gain knowledge of lifelong skills
  • Help from an outside, unbiased source with experience in the fields of education, organization, and parenting
  • Confidential